Making a plan involves discussion, and it’s not always easy.

A dialogue between family members, caregivers, patient(s), physician(s), clients, and home care providers can be complicated; even more so when the discussion covers everything from your needs at home to your interactions in the wider healthcare community! We can bridge the gaps between you and the people and institutions you’re working with by understanding your needs, and can speak with you and for you to achieve your goals.

  • A care manager is a mediator who can orchestrate a conversation between siblings, family members who live at a distance
  • A care manager is a facilitator of dialogue between yourself and others, either close to home or in the wider community
  • A care manager is a navigator who suggests and implements specific services
  • A care manager is an advocate for your needs in the best way possible
  • A care manager is a coordinator implementing a support plan so that current needs can be met and future concerns can be anticipated

As an experienced Social Worker skilled in facilitating conversations with training in Elder Mediation, Wendy can meet with your family, your support system, and your community and have a productive conversation.