Celebrate Geriatric Care Management in May Posted May 7, 2013 in Our articles

There are many benefits to hiring a GCM, one of which is cost savings. Consider how that can happen through planning and prevention when the GCM knows the challenges you are facing.

  • Savings in time and efficiency simply by knowing the resources available
  • Appropriately assess care needs to arrange the proper level of care
  • Identify strategies to increase compliance and decrease hospitalizations and readmissions
  • Saving in household expenses by identifying cost saving programs in your community
  • Assist adult children to avoid work absences and lost wages
  • Supervise and coordinate medical appointments
  • Support the Caregiver through interventions¬†diminish caregiver stress
  • Identify and utilize available technology to support care needs
  • Encourage better financial decisions
  • Avoid duplication of services
  • Assess safety risks in the home