So, how were the holidays? Posted December 31, 2011 in Our articles

When you first arrived, did you notice that the house appears more disorganized than, not as clean as it once was?  Was the refrigerator noticeably devoid of anything nutritional, or it is evident that medicines are not being taken as prescribed, you note an unsteady gait? Suddenly, it’s impossible to deny the evidence of decline that is now obvious to the eye?

The holidays bring families, friends and loved ones together and we have the opportunity to see family members from afar that we see infrequently.  Commonly, a holiday visit allows us to see firsthand changes or decline that may not be able to be ascertained through a “phone visit”.  Perhaps you have suspected that there are indications of cognitive changes, evidence of hearing loss or vision decline?  Suddenly issues that you thought were stable may in fact be obvious and in need of attention and a plan of action.

For those who may not live closely or for those others who may be geographically close but lack the time to check in and monitor loved ones as closely as they wish, a Care Manager is the expert clinician that you need.

A Certified Geriatric Care Manager can not only help you make the best choices but inform you of resources in the local community, entitlements to assist with the cost of care and most of all the coaching that we need to be sure our parents have the advocacy for the best life possible despite any medical issues. The goal of the GCM is to reduce stress of the family caregivers who face the overwhelming number of eldercare decisions.

We know, life gets busy, the demands of everyday life, illness and the demands of aging parents often create the need for an expert who can guide you, your family and adult siblings in the process of aging and health care decisions.  Call Wendy Liebling, Certified Geriatric Care Manager, founder of Liebling Elder Care to discuss a plan uniquely designed for your situation.

Begin the 2012 New Year with a strategy.  A GCM can be, your “eyes and ears” when you cannot be there, your partner in planning of care, a Geriatric Care Manager.