Finding the right Home: Nursing Home or Assisted Living? Posted July 10, 2011 in Our articles

The decision to make a move to a nursing home or an assisted living community is an important one. Regardless of whether or not you live in an area that has few options, or one that offers a wide range of choices, it is critical to understand which is the best choice for you or your loved ones. Plan ahead by doing some research.

Nursing homes in Pennsylvania are licensed by the Department of Health. They are subject to yearly inspections and investigate complaints on an ongoing basis. Visits and investigations resulting in a “cited” activity are public information. Take the time to look at the results posted by the Department of Health. Look at the facility you are interested in, note how frequently the health department is called to a facility and the level of severity of the citations. Always visit the facility, go more than once, go at a random hour, visit during a mealtime, talk with other residents and their families. Each community has it’s own unique culture, make sure it is a good fit for you. Consider meeting with the administration and be prepared, ask them about the survey results and know how this will impact your situation.

Similarly, survey results are available for Assisted Living and Personal Care homes which are licensed by the Department of Public Welfare. Visit this website and prepare yourself regarding the issues that the licensing agency has noted before making a decision.

Be prepared, make a visit, understand the strengths and potential challenges in the community you have chosen. It is important to stay involved in your care, be your own advocate, and always communicate to the care providers what you need so that the facility can provide to you the best care for you!